About Me – Jessica

Name:  Jessica Jessie
Affiliation:  Amazon.com
Website: Cookwarebase.com
Location:  Los Angeles, California
Occupation:  Research, Writing & Photography
Social Connect:  Best way to connect me @ Contact Form.

Short Bio:

Jessica – 37 year old review writer from Los Angeles. I write real reviews for Cookwarebase.com on best best cooker to help all women to find their best pressure, slow or rich cooker ever. I write product reviews based on my personal experience with some web research.

Aim of PSO:

Cookwarebase.com grows up from the friendly conversation on best electric pressure cooker with some of my friends. We respect that everyone has different opinion, views and experiences. These friendly conversations on best cooker lead me to share real time information that adds values and help others to get their expected cooker. I share my personal experiences and honest reviews that will help all women feel good.

Family Life:

I live in Los Angeles, with my husband, Alex William who is a review writer. I like to get out of doors with my friends in my spare time. I tried to pass most of my time with my loving family and with some of my intimate friends (Specially with Smanta). I also enjoy watching movies on theater (specifically Romantic Movies).

Past Story:

In July 2009, I started reading various subjects/blogs on different topic every night before sleep, to speak the truth I love reading and then writing very much. And after long time have been passed to started own blogs. I prefer to write on the subject I liked, the things I’d purchased. Once a time, when I had a small amount of visitor to visit my blog and read my writings and give feedback truly I enjoyed that, and this was amazing. I’d never expected anyone to enjoy my writing in my own little space on the web.

Thank You to everybody who spend times to read and comment, and show such interest in the things I write, I will keep going my writing as long as reader want to read and help them.