Top 5 Best Air Fryer Pressure Cooker Combos in 2021

pressure cooker air fryer combo

Cooking hearty family meals at home is always much easier when you have the best tools and cooking appliances for the job. A machine specially designed for a cooking function, such as an air fryer or pressure cooker, can lead to great-tasting meals with minimal fuss. A combination pressure cooker air fryer can, therefore, make things even easier.

In this guide to the best air fryer pressure cooker combo, you will find reviews of five top models. This should help you determine the right approach for your needs.

Air fryer vs pressure cooker.

There are lots of ways to cook meals and joints of meat and many companies will create some impressive machines to handle all the hard work for you. One popular approach in many households is to have a pressure cooker out on the counter. These robust machines use a high-pressure system to cook the food. Many will use this to cook meat but you can create some great all-in-one meals here too. You should be able to set it up right the right timer and function and leave it alone.

The same is true for an air fryer. These machines should have many of the same convenient features and hands-free approaches in countertop models. Air fryers work in a different way. They circulate hot air around the food items in the basket to offer a nice crispy finish. Therefore, if you want to make something like chicken wings or fries then you can get the right texture.

A combo air fryer pressure cooker changes the game.

You do have to be careful which food items you choose depending on the type of machine. Some vegetables, for example, do well in one but not the other. This means that consumers either have to choose between the type of meals they make in choosing a machine, or they get two machines and need to find more space in the kitchen.

The alternative here is to go for a combination pressure cooker air fryer system. This is where you can get the two great cooking functions in one simple machine. All you need to do is have the right insert in the machine and the right setting and it will do the rest. A combo like this can save on time, space, and money when you choose the right model.

With all this in mind, let's look at some of the top air fryer pressure cooker machines available. Below are our top five. We have laid out the pros and cons to help you find a suitable match for your needs.

Some of the best air fryer pressure cooker combo Reviews

1. Ninja FD401 Foodi Deluxe XL Cooker & Air Fryer

Ninja FD401 Air fryer pressure cooker

This first option is a great choice for those that want convenience and are new to this sort of cooking. There are lots of different functions here - 9 in total - so that you can get a great result on lots of different meals.

The 8-quart capacity should be more than enough for your cooking needs. The pressure cooker is designed to provide a great result from frozen in just 20 minutes (where applicable) and there is a great crisp to the meats on the meat in the fryer basket.


  • A large capacity for big pieces of meat.
  • Lots of functions for different cooking needs.
  • A great finish on the meat.
  • Recipes included to help.


  • Not the cheapest option.
  • Heavy parts that can make it more difficult to handle.

Another benefit of choosing this option is that you get a strong construction, with the stainless finish, as well as user-friendly guides and recipes. If you are a complete novice, this should get you started with ease. Just make sure to source the best deal on price and remember that this thing is heavy!

2. Ninja OP101 Foodi 7-in-1 Pressure, Slow Cooker

Ninja OP101 air fryer

Next up, we have this alternative option from Ninja. For a start, this one may have greater appeal to those that find our top pick to be too big, heavy, or just too complex to meet their needs as a new user.

The product does a lot of the same things in the same way, with a great process for crispy frying and fast pressure cooking. However, you do need to be aware that this means 7 functions instead of 9 and a smaller capacity of 5-Quarts.


  • A nice finish to the interior and exterior.
  • Another great cooking process across the board.
  • A lighter version as there is less to handle.
  • A lot cheaper than the complex 9-in-1


  • Fewer functions than the option above.
  • Not as much guidance on recipes and options.

There may be less going on here, but that doesn't mean that there is any sort of lack in quality. The interior of the product as a great non-stick surface and is removable for cleaning. The outside also has a nice high gloss finish so it looks good. In fact, this more compact model could be more appealing out on a counter.

3. Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker

Instant pot Duo 7 in 1 Pressure cooker

This next option will stand out to many consumers because of the lower price. You pay considerably less for this option than the high-end Ninja at the beginning of this guide.

As a result, you might expect to see far fewer features. That isn't really true because there are still 7 functions here and some great Instant Pot air fryer reviews. You also get a slightly larger capacity than the smaller Ninja at 6-quart. Consumers can also benefit from the one-touch programming with 14 options available.


  • Lots of functions for a low price.
  • Timers, delays and other settings for ease of use.
  • A decent capacity.
  • one-touch programming.


  • The lid doesn't have the same quality as other models.
  • You can pay a little more for more comprehensive Instant Pots.

This is a small, convenient system with timers, delays and a definite user-friendly feel. So where's the catch? This is a budget version because it has less than other models in the Instant Pot range. There isn't the indicator on the cooking progress, the same seal on the lid or the steam release feature.

4. Carl Schmidt Sohn 6.5Qt Pressure Cooker & Air Fryer Combos

Pressure cooker combo

Next up is a model that has a lot of great reviews from those that have tried it out. This is a good looking model that seems more compact and has a nice touchscreen for all the settings and controls.

There are 22 pre-sets available, 15 of which are for cooking processes, and this means great variation in how you cook your meals. You can experiment with this model. It is also meant to be easy to clean once you have finished.


  • Lots of pre-sets and functions to choose from.
  • A sleek touch screen control panel.
  • Efficient cooking for lots of different meals.
  • Easy to clean


  • Smaller than some expected.
  • Possibly heavier than expected too.

Most users are impressed with the options and general ease of use of this product. There are some that say that it is too small, but the company do state that this is just a 6.5 Quart option. Also, be aware that the thicker coatings and energy-saving layers could add to the weight of this thing. This might not have the wow factor of the Ninja in terms of features but it is efficient.

5. Emeril Lagasse Pressure AirFryer, Steamer & All-in-One Multi-Cooker

Emeril Lagasse Pressure Cooker Air Fryer

Our final product comes from the Emeril Lagasse Emeril Everyday range. There is a lot here that suggest a high-quality machine. The favourable reviews praise the cooking process and features on offer. You get plenty of functions in a large 8-quart machine. There is also some quality to the lid and build that you don't see with our budget model.


  • The quality of the construction.
  • The range of cooking processes.
  • The large capacity.
  • The results on lots of different meals.


  • The accessories aren't readily available.
  • It is very expensive.

So why is this one at the bottom of our list? Simply put, you can get a brilliant experience and lots of options, but only if you are prepared to pay for it. Some listings talk about a comprehensive accessory pack to make life easier. But, these don't always come with the machine. Buying them separately adds to the cost of a machine that isn't cheap to begin with.

Features to consider When Buying Best Air Fryer Pressure Cooker Combos

There is a lot to consider when choosing a machine for your kitchen. A presence of the combination pressure and air cooking systems is just a starting point. You also need to be sure that they offer the following,

  • The right amount of cooking functions for your needs.
  • High-quality features and accessories to get the job done.
  • A good construction with all the right materials.
  • User-friendly features for those new to this sort of system.
  • The right price.
  • The capacity:

Capacity is a great place to start. If you have a large family, or just a large appetite, you will want a machine with enough space for all the meat and other food items needed. Go too small and you will struggle. Once you determine the right Quart capacity for your needs, you can pick the best machine from there.

Ninja fd401 cooking food
  • The functions:

Most brands will make it apparent straight away just how many functions are on offer. For example, you might get a 9-in-1 model, such as our top pick. This means that there are 9 cooking methods to choose from. Experienced cooks can take advantage of these options. Those with less confidence or limited needs might go for a more simplistic and cheaper option.

  • High-quality accessories:

By accessories, we mean the inserts and baskets used to create the different meals and aid the processes. For example, you could get a nice stainless-steel basket for the air fryer. Look for options that are easy to use and also easy to clean. Removable, dishwasher safe items are great.

  • The construction:

A good construction is essential here. You can't have a machine that loses pressure, leaks hot air or water, or that just feels flimsy. A solid machine with a secure lid and a good base will offer peace of mind. Non-stick coatings on the interior elements will help too.

  • User-friendly features:

A user-friendly system is a must. The controls and settings have to be convenient and understandable. It helps to have as much of a hands-free approach as you can get to leave this to get to work in the kitchen. Also, many brands will offer guides with recipes for those that want to try new things.

  • The price:

Finally, we can't overlook the importance of finding a product at just the right price. There are some big differences in cost depending on the brand and the features on offer. Comprehensive models will cost more. Budget models are affordable, but go too cheap and you might lose out on quality.

Find the best air fryer pressure cooker combo that suits your needs.

To summarise, our top pick of these machines has to be the Ninja 9-in-1 option simply because of the number of features that you get here. This is the most comprehensive option that can pretty much guarantee a great finish on all kinds of meals. However, there are cheaper, smaller, and more beginner-focused options around if you need them.

Take your time to compare the different brands, but also the different models that brand can provide. Look for the right capacity and functions for your cooking needs as well as something that is easy to use. From there, you can have fun trying out new recipes and seeing why this combination deep fryer pressure cooker is such a great approach.

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