7 Best Pressure Cooker Cookbooks – You Must Have

A cookbook is a collection of recipes. De re coquinaria – is the first complete cookbooks in the first century which is written in Latin language. Also this kind of books recovered in many times from different parts of the earth. From then to today, many changed happen on cookbooks. This book helps us to cook testy foods for our everyday menu. Presents cooking system has been changed for some latest cooking device like best pressure cooker 2020 and that’s why we require new methods for cooking food on that device. So, a proper guideline can assist you to cook under high pressure by keeping nutrients, flavors, vitamins, etc.

I tried many recipe books in earlier and from that experience here I pick 7 best pressure cooker cookbooks of 2020:

No.1# Great Food Fast Warden’s Ultimate Pressure Cooker Recipes

Bob Warden is an expert in cooking (best in pressure cooker), who has more than 20 years of guest cooking experience. From his own experience he produces more than 100 of cooking product with his best created cookbooks. I liked his recipes because of many helpful tips with proper nutritional guideline which is going through traditional way. Bobs created recipes are highly praised by my family members and relatives when I cook by following his guideline. So, if you are new to pressure cooking or not satisfied with other recipes then you must go for Bob Warden’s ultimate pressure cooker recipes.

No.2# Miss Vickie’s Big Book of Pressure Cooker Recipes

Miss Vickie’s pressure cooker recipes are really awesome. She shows her expertise in the field of cooking with stove as well as electric pressure cooker and I pick it’s into No.2 into my best 7 cookbook list. You will love her traditional and new recipes forever because it has everything what you may need. This book will help you to understand on how to cook delicious meat feasts. She has done a great work of catering for all customers. Her recipe on this book shows that no one is comparable with her. At first I heard about this book from my friend and try to cook by myself according to her outline and after finish my cooking when I tasted that time I become a big fan of her.

No.3# Pressure Cooker Perfection

I always prefer America’s Test kitchen and I believe that this cookbook “Pressure Cooker Perfection” have innovative collections of recipes which entirely use the full potential of pressure cookers. When you read it’s opening on why you must use pressure cooker then you will understand how useful it is. And to me Pressure Cooker Perfection is more than a cookbook, it’s a guideline on how to buying, caring, and using a pressure cooker.

No.4# Cooking Under Pressure

Cooking under Pressure is a 20th anniversary edition cookbook of famous recipe writer Lorna Sass. It has many extraordinary recipes that can be prepared within few minutes by a pressure cooker. She is an award winning cookbook writer who has written for New York Times, the Washington Post, and Woman’s Day with many other journals. By following this book you will feel very happy to cook into your pressure cooker. Also you will learn how to prepare meals within a very short time on a conventional way without losing its flavor, moisture, nutrition, etc.

No.5# The Easy Pressure Cooker Cookbook

If you are new pressure cooker user then “Easy Pressure Cooker Cookbook” of Diane Phillips is a must have for your family need (specially for young children). This is the best recipe books in the market which perfects for baby needs. This book will help you with 400 recipes which are easy to follow. This pressure cooker cookbook also offers latest collection of recipe which shows that less time cooking never means less delicious.

No.6# Hip Pressure Cooking: Fast, Fresh, and Flavorful

Laura D.A. Pazzaglia – author of Hip Pressure Cooking. I liked this cookbook because its categories all recipes such as – vegetables, eggs, grains, soups and stocks, pasta and sauces, fish and sea food, meat and poultry, dried beans and legumes, juicing, one-pot meals with deserts and preserves. She inspired by her friend after watching her to make dinner in just 10 minutes. Then she started cooking by offering advice and recipes to her website. After getting many positive feedbacks she prepared this cookbook from her own experience.

No.7# Blue Jean Chef: Comfortable Under Pressure

Is your pressure cooker has been gathering dust? If your answer is YES, then you must go for Meredith Laurence’s books “Comfortable Under Pressure”. She worked as a presenter at QVC TV on cooking more than 10 years. Through this TV program she tries to helped people to make them more comfortable in the kitchen. In this cookbook, she gives a wide range of recipes which are very delicious. This book also help you to prepare meals on the table faster than before. It has 125 recipes with more than 100 tips.

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