A Easy Guide To Buying Pressure Cooker

Pressure cooker is a must have kitchen item in present life because we do not have enough time for cooking on conventional way. High-quality steel made cooker is the key fact, because it produce higher pressure to create high temperature to cook food faster. So, it can be dangers if your cooker cannot handle those pressures for roughly made. The best way to get an expected cooker is to go for a brand because they make high quality products. Hope that our best pressure cooker buying guide will help you to find a steady, reliable and quality cooker as your needs.

  • Stainless Steel with Three-Ply Bottom

Before buy always try to make sure that it is made with top level durable stainless steel. Tough several types of stainless steel you may find but you should go for 18/10 stainless steel (10% nickel and 18% chromium), because it points a healthy ratio of nickel and chromium which has many benefits. In below I point out 2 benefits:

  1. Dirty and rust resistance. It must contain minimum 10.5% chromium to be regarded as stainless. Proper amounts of chromium make its durable.
  2. Shininess. Protective layer increase for nickel which forms by chromium to adds shininess.
  • Accurate Pressure Indicator and Quick Release

Pressure cooker is able to making 15 PSI (Pounds per Square Inch) which is standard level for cooking with most of the selected recipes. So be sure that your preferred cooker is capable for making 15PSI. Also you must look for an accurate indicator which will visibly show when it reached final stage.

Never forget to check that it has a built-in quick release option into the regulator or not. Most of the latest pressure cooker has this option which can lowers the inside pressure fast without losing its temperature. It will allow us to resume cooking with the back switch.

  • What Size Should I Buy?

Many times we become confused to choose pressure cooker size while shopping. The size of cooker generally depends on how much food you want to prepare at a time. Like 4pt cooker can cook less amount of food than 6/8 pt but it’s cheaper also. So before buy, the right way to pick best size is to consider your storage space, budget and quantity of food. I will recommend you to go for a 6qt size cooker and its look perfect in the kitchen (it’s my own opinion only; you should go based on your requirement). You can also go for 8qt if you can afford it.

  • Safety Features

Presents most of pressure cooker is safer than it was before. When its pressure reaches in the highest level at that time it gets ventilated by a valve with a releasing sounds like hiss. Even, if pressure doesn’t decrease and continuously increase after ventilation then a safety gasket pop-up to venting its whole pressure. So, you should keep in mind this safety features before purchase a pressure cooker.

  • Avoid Non-Stick

I will recommend you to avoid simply a non-sticky pressure cooker for few reasons. Firstly, the non-sticky surface doesn’t last for long. Secondly, the non-sticky coating is related with some health issue. I will never go for a debate on lack of safety for applying non-sticky coating in a cookware. I always try to avoid it for my family when it’s possible.

  • Warranty

Are your pressure cooker companies providing warranties? Before purchase make sure that you get your valid warranty papers. Though sometimes warranty does not work for some so called companies but for branded company you will get value of this. That’s why we should go for branded one because they are always aware about their reputation. Also some products come with manufacture default so having proper warranty can help you to get replacement.

  • Where to Buy

If you desire to purchase from any departmental store then you will have only few choices to get your expected one. So I will recommended you to buy online because you will have the freedom to pick better one based on your needs. I have pick top rated cooker collection in this website which meets above criteria for you such as – Pressure Cooker, Electric Pressure Cooker, air fryer pressure cooker, Rich Cooker, Slow Cooker and power pressure cooker. You can select one from this top collection. I tested this and doing some research before published this top rated collection.

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