Top 5 Best Electric Knife Sharpener You Should Buy Now!

Knife sharpeners are now becoming a popular trend in the world of kitchen utensils. People nowadays buy it because they don’t want to experience the struggle of having a top knife.

Dull kitchen knives can make cutting vegetables, fruits, bread, and meats a messy and frustrating experience. Before we throw out old knives because of the time, it will cost us to sharpen it back into a razor-shape one.

Instead of repurchasing knives, you can buy an electric knife sharpener to make your cooking experience easy. To make the electric sharpener hunting easy for you, we give you the list of top 5 best electric knife sharpeners in the market.

Benefits of Buying an Electric Knife Sharpener

1. Easy Cooking

As a cook or a mom who enjoys cooking for their children, it is very annoying when you can’t cut the meat, fruits, and vegetables in easy ways. The reason why is that, the knife they have at home is not sharp enough. So, if you want to make your cooking easy to do, you need a knife sharpener. The cooking process will become enjoyable because you don’t have to spend a lot of time cutting everything with the ugly knife.

2. Saving Money

We are now living in a practical world, and we always want to find ways on how to save our money. To achieve this, we can get a knife sharpener which you can use a knife anytime in your kitchen needs some sharpening. So, instead of repeatedly buy expensive knives, you can use the old ones you have by sharpening them with an electric knife sharpener. If you want a long-term saving, you might need to invest in devices like this.

3. Less Time Cooking

The speed and time of cooking depend on the kind of recipe you cook, and the time you spend on preparing the ingredients. If you’re still wondering, an electric knife sharpener saves your time because you can quickly sharpen your ugly knife with it. Thus, speeding the process of cutting is one of the biggest advantages you will have. You can quickly cut the things you want to cut.

Top 5 Best Electric Knife Sharpeners

1. Chef's Choice 15 Trizor XV EdgeSelect Electric Knife Sharpener

Chef’s Choice Trizor XD Edge Select combines the durability and strength of the Trizor edge. It has ultra-sharp technology that is flawless and ideal for quick knife sharpening. It can convert traditional 20-degree factory edges of your house knives into knives that are high-performance Trizor edges.

It comes with patented and advanced flexible spring guides for control accuracy of the angle you’re sharpening.

The 3-stage edge select that comes with this device promotes optimum versatility when it comes to providing the perfect edge for your knives whenever it’s sharpened. The 1st stage creates micro-groves on the edge’s both sides. It gives the facets of the knife more bite. On the 2nd stage, the finer diamond abrasives shape the second bevel of the edge. The 3rd stage polishes the micro-grooves and also sharpens serrated knives.

It also has an advanced stropping stage and diamonds that are best for sharpening serrated or straight blades. We can deduce that this device is a breakthrough in the world of quality knife sharpeners.


  • It can sharpen your dull knives.
  • The 15-degree angled edge provides maximum performance.


  • You need patience when it comes to reading the instructions.

2. Linkyo Electric Sharpener

Linkyo electric sharpener comes with an automatic blade positioning that guides or hold the knife in an ideal position. What keeps the sharpener in its place is the sharpener’s heavy-duty non-slip suction cup feet. Thus, it sharpens like a professional for your comfort and advantage.

It also has a 2-stage sharpening. The 1st stage sharpens and rejuvenates the edge and reshapes the angles. The 2nd stage finishes the process by honing and polishing the knife’s blades.

The clean-up of the sharpened knife is relatively easy. It has a mess-free receptacle with plugs that are easy-to-remove which catch the filings and metal shards. Its built-in Stop feature helps to prevent blade damages by stalling the sharpener if downward pressure is applied.


  • It achieves the razor sharpness
  • Easier to use
  • Cuts through vegetables with a slight pressure
  • Good for quick blade honing


  • Not pleasant to listen to
  • Not suitable for long-term blade maintenance

3. Presto 08810 Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

Using this device is an easy and fast way to sharpen sporting and kitchen knives. If you have Santoku knives, you can sharpen it with this sharpener too. It comes with an adjustable blade selector that provides the best sharpening angles. You can select the thick for sharpening hunting knives, medium for kitchen knives and think selection for light blades like paring and fillet knives.

For a professional use at home, its 3 stage sharpening system is made for your convenience. The 1st stage of the process involves Sapphirite coarse-grinding wheel for the creation of proper angle. The 2nd stage is continuing the sharpening with Sapphirite medium grinding-wheel which gives the knife’s edge with precision. The final stage polishes the blade using the extra fine-grit ceramic wheel.


  • Can transform a cheap paring knife into a sharp one.
  • The interchangeable blade guides will give you the best sharpening angles.
  • It almost makes no noise while you run a knife in it.
  • No guess sharpening.


  • The guide might be too wide for others.

4. Shenzhen Knives Electric Diamond Knife Sharpener

Electric diamond knife sharpener comes with two settings: the coarse #600 grit and fine #800 grit which is designed to sharpen stainless steel knives and ceramic knives professionally. It features universal knife guide slots and diamond grinding stone to sharpen and hone the knife’s edges.

The diamond wheel in this device is the key to consistently sharp the blades of the knives from the handle to its tip. For more convenience on your part, the diamond wheel cartridge is removable for easy cleaning.


  • The sharpener’s universal guide slots can accommodate V-edge ceramic knives and stainless steel kitchen knives.
  • The sharpener hones the knives into an elegant edge.
  • It offers consistent high-powered sharpening.


  • It will be messy afterwards, so prepare for the clean-up.

5. Work Sharp WSKTS-KO Knife and Tool Sharpener Ken Onion Edition

The Work Sharp Ken Onion Sharpener is designed to make your sharpening experience a quick and easy one. It comes with a heavy-duty variable speed motor, a fully adjustable precision sharpening guide and premium flexible abrasive belts. You can sharpen hunting knives, pocket knives, fishing knives and kitchen knives.

To select your desired angle, you can just turn the adjustment knob. No set-up time, no tools required. The guide is removable just in case you want to sharpen lawn mower blades, weeders and shovels, axes and others.


  • It comes with flexible belts to put a long lasting and strong convex on edges.
  • The optional blade grinding attachments allows you to create custom bevels, knife profiles, and edge finishes.
  • The specialty belts enable you to sharpen ceramic knives.


  • The left grind might shoot debris so if you want to observe, wear eye protection.


Those are the top 5 best electric knife sharpener in the market. We look carefully how each device function and we conclude that the Work Sharp Ken Onion Sharpener is the best one yet.

It’s not just best for knives; you can sharpen your yard tools with it too! It is heavy-duty and high-powered and caters to all your sharpening needs. You can achieve the consistency, convenience, and money saving because of this product.

I hope that you learned what you need to learn about electric knife sharpeners. Share this article with your friends and family who have troubles in sharpening their knives and tools. If you have questions and any suggestions, just write them in the box below.

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