How To Clean Air Fryer In The Most Sufficient Way

In order to keep you air fryer from clinging dirt, accumulated food residues, the bad smell and inefficient activities, you should clean air fryer immediately after used. But how to clean the air fryer completely? This article will guide you how to perform hygiene for your air fryer in a quickest and most complete way.

How To Clean Air Fryer Easily

Wash The Inside And The Outside

Firstly, you need to unplug the male plug of the air fryer from the electrical outlet before cleaning to ensure safety. You should start by cleaning the air fryer’s outside by using a moist cloth. Then, you should remove the air fryer basket and its’ pan out of the body of the air fryer. By using the soft sponge and hot water, you can make the appliance inside cleaner.

The next thing for you is to soak a soft cloth or a sponge cleaning pads in warm water mixed with a few drops of dishwashing liquid. Then you scrub the cloth to drain and then use it to wipe the inside and outside parts of the air fryer. After finished cleaning the inside and the outside of the air fryer, you should rinse off the cloth with cold water.

If there is any stuck food residue inside the air fryer, you do not have to be worried. A medium and soft brush can help you out, even by reaching the heating element of the air fryer. One precaution you should keep in mind is do not utilize a wire brush made of steel or too hard brush to avoid any damages caused by the cover of the air fryer’s heating element.

The medium and soft bristle brush can be continuously used to make the heating element of the air fryer cleaner after removing dust from the machine inside. Then, you should make the heating element be dried by using the paper towels.

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Clean The Pan And The Basket

After removing the pan from the body of the air fryer, you should pour hot water into the pan and add cleansing liquid. Then, keep the water and the cleansing liquid soak inside the pan and the basket for about 15 minutes. During this process, the food residues and dust can be gradually separated from the basket as well as the pan.

Then, pick the basket out of the pan and use a non-abrasive brush or sponge to clean the black wall of the basket until all food residues are complete removed. You should do hygiene for both sides of the basket by turning it up and down and do not forget the bottom which is normally the ditties part.

After completing the cleaning process with the basket, you can move on to the pan. The similar steps will be applied here. A non-abrasive brush or sponge is also used to clean the pan with a little of the cleansing liquid. When you ensure that both the basket and the pan of the air fryer are clean enough, you can place them in a dried place to slowly drain. In the case you want a quick dry, you can use a hair dryer to make them be waterless. Next, you get a dry soft towel to wipe the parts.

If there are stains on the buttons, you can dip a cotton swab in alcohol and wipe these buttons. You can also use a cotton swab to remove food residues and wastes which are trapped in some hard-to-reach corners of the air fryer.

Finally, you coil electric lines around the body of the air fryer and store it in a cool dry place to avoid the moisture.

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