MaxiMatic EPC-808 Pressure Cooker Review

For more than 25 years one USA based company is fulfilling the desire of good, innovative kitchen electronics and household products in the market. That company is MaxiMatic. Following that earned reputation they have also electric pressure cooker. Nowadays they have their best product launched in the market named MaxiMatic EPC-808 Digital Pressure Cooker. It has 12 new features, elegant blue cover and 8-Quartz in volume. This best kitchen appliance should satisfy your cooking.

Reviews on MaxiMatic EPC-808

MaxiMatic EPC-808 8-Quart Electric Pressure Cooker is digital and stainless. This product alone provides you 8-Quart, 13 functions, the blue determines the nutrition of food is intact. This new technology makes sure that while cooking it steams. It supports the food to preserve its real nutrition and flavor. MaxiMatic EPC-808 has 14 functions alongside with the 13. It will reheats brown rice, stew, beef, vegetables & fish, white rice, desserts, wild rice & grain, pork and ribs, potatoes, chicken, beans, soup and keep warm your food for a long time.


  • It has 14 Multi-functionality that reheat, Vegetables & Fish, Desserts, Potatoes, Wild Rice, White Rice & Grains, and Brown Rice.
  • It cooks Pork & Ribs, Beans, Stew, Chicken, Beef, and Soup. Also it does Keep Warm the food.
  • The browning function here is the best. It pre-browns the meat in the same tool that is used to pressure cook.
  • The pressure cooker has a timer. Timer can delay the setting up to 24 hours.
  • The pot is stainless steel brushed.
  • The 8-Quart inside is easy removable and clean. It is even non-stick.
  • It keeps food warm for almost 12 hours.
  • The old typical pressure cookers needed immense work. But this automatic tool doesn’t need any.
  • The power failure doesn’t matter here. Because it has the automatic resumption while cooking.
  • The beep indicates whether your cooking is ready or not.
  • It takes 0-99 minute to get customized, as it is programmed pressurized.

Benefits of using MaxiMatic EPC-808

  • Multi-functional product - An electric kitchen appliance which is very popular because it has so many other additional functions. To support this statement the MaxiMatic EPC-808 Elite Platinum is giving you 14 extra functions. Those are reheating, Desserts, Potatoes, Vegetables & Fish, Pork & Ribs, Brown Rice, White Rice, Wild Rice & Grains Chicken, Beef, Soup, Beans, Stew and Keep Warm. The advantage of using this appliance is that it has all convenient additional functions. So, you will be able to prepare so many different foods using the manual.
  • Fast & easy to cook - It is easy that only you have to put the ingredients into the pot, then just plug and let it cook by setting up cooking program. After that just idly wait till your food is ready to serve.

The best part is that you can easily convert to one to another function. Whenever is your mood to try something new and different all you have to do is to change the process of cooking and slow down its heat.

The automatic function will protect your demand about which time you need your food prepared. Those who are busy fellows find it very handy. This best pressure cooker is big enough for more than 5 member of family. The inside 8-quartz pot testifies that. It is enough spacious.

You can keep your cooked food warm for 12 hours with its warm function. I would say its a great deal.

  • Easy to clean - it is easy to wash and clean. The feature of stainless steel Non-stick pot makes it easier. Even the outside can be wiped with wet towel.
  • Attractive design and elegant blue color - this electric pressure cooker is available in 3 colors: black, blue and red. The blue line seems to the best suitor with MaxiMatic. It’s covered with steel gray and navy blue.

The competitors in the markets are constructed heavily likes Instant Pot IP-DUO60 7-in-1. But MaxiMatic comes in handy because of its small model that looks like a best rice cooker instead of pressure cooker.

Demerits of MaxiMatic EPC-808

At last, Amazon has rated MaxiMatic EPC-808 4.4 within 5 stars. The MaxiMatic EPC-808 Elite Platinum Pressure Cooker is indeed a pressure cooker to pick.The company MaxiMatic is US based yet the product is originated in China as it mentions in the cover of outer box. However it makes the consumers quite a bit perplexed of its durability and quality. But the good part is the company ensures that the manufacture, machines and technology are provided by US manufacturer. Recently very few complain had been registered about some leak in the lid that causes steam out. But there is nothing to worry as it happened in a very small number.

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