Some Errors You Should Avoid When Using The Airfryer

By using the Airfryer for cooking every day, are you sure this product are used properly and effectively? Proofread immediately if you have these exploits using the Airfryer below!

Do Not Heat The Airfryer Before Using

You are recommended to appropriately adjust the heating temperature of the Airfryer before baking. This step also helps to bring the tastier dish for your family.

When grilled fish, meat, bakery, you have a habit of complete material preparation, placing all of them in the Airfryer, then turn the temperature, baking mode, self-timer. With such usage, your dishes will not achieve the perfect delicious as well as not save the optimal power at all.

So, before frying you need to conduct an Airfryer heated to a minimum period of 2 minutes. Please kindly note that the frying temperature of Airfryer is usually higher the heating time and needs the longer time to reach. Based on the power level along with the temperature of your home furnace, you should select the appropriate time for this heating step.

Sometimes you come across cases where the actual temperature of the Airfryer grill may be higher or lower than the temperature recorded on the control panel that you customized. For the temperature of the Airfryer has reached the level required for frying dishes, you should not add a clock shop temperature for the Airfryer.

Place The Tray And Grill At The Wrong Location

As a matter of fact, some housewives usually place the tray and grill cloth in place between the Airfryer to cook dishes. But this way is completely wrong. With regular recipes for fried foods in all aspects, then you should put delicious grill or rack in middle position fireplace. Do not set up or lower down the center, change the initial placement of the baking process.

By opening the Airfryer door, took bread, dish out, if you move the location, it will change the frying temperature. Especially when you intends to bake cakes, it is much more likely to affect the structure of the cake if you move the wheel. As a result, you will not be able to own a cake with delicious shape and this shape cannot be changed after certain baking time. Therefore, you should only open the door, move the wheel when the food was well-done by at least 2/3 of the time. With such time duration, the wheel has sufficient stability and your action will not take effect on the shape of the food.

Use The Airfryer To Bake Foods In The Black Tray

The thing is using the black tray of a toaster will easily ruin the cake and sometimes broke your Airfryer. In most of the case, Airfryer baking tray is usually black. When you bake some biscuits, cookies by using this tray, it will easily ruin batches of cookies. Since the tray was painted with dark colors, better heat sucked the bright colors when baked. It does not depend on whether you should adjust the temperature, how bake mode. Finally, the lower surface of the cake will also quickly turns its original color to black and does not look tasty at all.

The charred status appear in the underside of the wheel or on the immature side if you use the dark baking sheet for baking. Therefore, these small cakes baking biscuits as you choose a light-colored baking tray offline.

Do Not Pay Attention In The Frying Mode

As previously mentioned in the instruction of Airfryer, you should select the appropriate frying temperature with each dish. The heat of the Airfryer is installed at the top and bottom of the Airfryer, the Airfryer grill mode which also basically 3 types of barbecue grill on the side with only heat in the upper furnace operation, the underside of the grill only bar at the bottom of the Airfryer heat, grill 2 corresponds to the operation of the bar at the top and bottom heat.

For the users who interested in baking, if they only adjust the temperature and cooking without correcting the most suitable timer mode for frying, the food may not be cooked evenly with the less attractive taste … So, please try to make the appropriate correct mode before the material on the barbecue grill.

The trick for you is the most frying recipes from Asia or Europe require to use 2-sided frying modes. If you are not fluent in grill mode for any given dish, please adjust the type of barbecue grill 2 sides. This way will ensure the taste not be too different and delicious according to your expectations.

Please read carefully the above errors and try to remember along with avoiding them when using the Airfryer. By doing that, you will be able to cook more attractive dishes and also help increase the life of your Airfryer. Do you also know many other errors during your usage time with Airfryer? Please share with us!

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